First Apple Watch activity tracking experience

I got my Apple Watch last week. Reason #1 to own at least one of these devices is my profession. Fortunately I’m finally able to test my watch apps with real hardware. It helped me fixing some minor glitches but nothing serious \o/.

About catching big fish

I stumbled upon the following poem on David Owen’s Blog today. It reminds me of a situation that arises from time to time. The moment when other people think they know what’s best for me and advice me to “enlarge my company” (e.g. by employing additional people).


We took part at the Pixathlon in Klagenfurt this year. A pixathlon, or photo marathon, is an interesting concept trying to throw you back to the roots of photography. It’s all digital but no image manipulation is allowed! All images have to be OOC JPG files.

MindMeister Geistesblitz Workflow for Alfred App

I discovered this post introducing an Alfred App workflow for Trello a few days ago. After trying this extension by Miko, I realized how easy it is to create a workflow for Alfred and decided to code a similar (side) project for the Geistesblitz feature of MindMeister.

Honey, I shrunk the camera

I sold my complete DSLR gear last week — which was a very hard decisions to make for me. I didn’t do it for the money, neither did I do it because of lost interest in photography. In fact, I would like to do more photography again and asked my self: “What is the reason for not taking so much pictures anymore?”. The answer was: “Because you got lazy and you don’t want to carry all the heavy DSLR gear anymore”. Combine this answer with Chase Jarvis’s statement “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” and you get your new camera requirements — you need something small and lightweight with the capabilities of a modern DSLR.

256 Seconds Later Wallpaper for you iPhone, iPad and Mac

I like landscape shots as wallpapers and always wanted to share some of my pictures as background images. After changing some today this thought crossed my mind again. Feel free to download 256 Seconds Later formatted for your device and leave me a comment if you would enjoy more wallpapers out of my camera (500px, Flickr) “released” in appropriate formats.

Home made power bars

Once in a while I’m getting my self a bike magazine. This month’s issue included a review of power bars, questioning if they are as good as they promise. The moment I stumbled upon this article I instantly remembered a recipe mentioned by @sugarmelon last year. He tested self made power bars proposed by the Austrian triathlete Max Renko. After a year waiting on my todo list I finally conquered our kitchen and made my own power bars today!