MindMeister Geistesblitz Workflow for Alfred App

I discovered this post introducing an Alfred App workflow for Trello a few days ago. After trying this extension by Miko, I realized how easy it is to create a workflow for Alfred and decided to code a similar (side) project for the Geistesblitz feature of MindMeister.

Prerequisites are the Alfred 2 Powerpack, a (free) MindMeister account and OSX 10.7+. If you have all of these, fetch my Geistesblitz workflow file and install it by double clicking the downloaded file.

Granting write access to your MindMeister default map is the first thing. Type blitz auth into Alfred to authenticate and equip the workflow with permission to modify your default map in the newly opened browser window.

blitz auth

You can now start inserting Geistesblitzes by typing blitz {query}, where {query} stands for the idea(s) you want to add to your default map, e.g. “blitz Create the next big thing”. You can also add multiple Geistesblitzes with one command by delimiting them with a semicolon like “blitz idea1;idea2;idea3”.

blitz {query}

A second feature is ad-hoc creation of new mind maps by typing blitz new {mind map name} (mind map name is optional). The newly created mind map will automatically open in a browser window.

blitz new {mind map name}

Changing the authenticated user can be achieved by typing blitz auth again (login with the new user in your default browser first). Additionally you can also remove the authentication token for blitz from your keychain by typing blitz logout. A keyboard hot key may also be defined beside the text based interface. Use such a short cut to send any selected text to MindMeister without copy & paste and opening the browser. Watch this short video showing the main workflow in action.

You have to define a default map on mindmeister.com if you get the error message “No default map was found for inserting”. Open the mind map you want your Geistesblitzes to be stored in and define it as default map within the map’s properties.

I like Alfred’s non disturbing integration and with Geistesblitz it allows me to quickly take down ideas flashing into my mind during work without drastically interrupting my current task. If you’r not already using Alfred, give the free version a try and buy the power pack as soon as you get hooked! I had a lot of fun coding this little workflow and please leave me a commend if you have any feedback, problems or suggestions.