A MindMeister tag plugin for jekyll

If you are a user of MindMeister, You may be interested in a little plug-in I wrote for jekyll. With MindMeister you can embed public mind maps on your page like I used to do in the post about finding my mountain bike last year. Setup for this plug-in is easy, download this gist and save it to your jekyll’s _plugin folder.

So long WordPress, G'day jekyll.

Finally, my blog moved from WordPress to jekyll, a popular static site generator. After getting bored by WordPress, getting sick of all the routine maintenance and growing security issues, it was time for a new player. A lot of people I’m following are praising jekyll (or octopress), so I had to give it a try. Currently I’m running several WordPress installations, for myself and customers. All these instances need a lot of attention. Every week I have to install updates, every week the same procedure for several sites, every week the risk of breaking something with an update. Granted, updating works like charm most of the time and problems occur rarely. Jekyll is simpler and able to solve most of these issues for me. Less updates and security problems, just good old static HTML files on my server. Furthermore markdown is my writing language of choice which already is at heart of jekyll by design. For sure, a site generator is not suitable for my customers, it’s a tech geek tool you have to invest more effort in, but it’s a tool that suits me well. Don’t get me wrong. WordPress is unbeaten in terms of convenience and amount of freely available extensions. It is a wonderful product! Bashing WordPress would never cross my mind - Nobody’s Perfect, so aren’t site generators!

Garmin ForeRunner 610 Heart Rate Problems

After hesitating for a while, I got myself a Garmin ForeRunner 610 in December. This watch was one of the best sports equipment investments I’ve done so far. It’s GPS tracking is accurate and fast, perfect for my running and biking exercises. The most brilliant feature is it’s vibration alarm, every kilometer it vibrates and I get an update on my pace, sounds simple but it’s ultra-handy. And finally, its a relief not having the iPhone attached to my biceps anymore.

Web based Polar Personal Trainer XML to HRM Converter

In my recent post about online Sports Tracking Workflow I promised to wrap a web application around the converter for Polar Personal Trainer XML files. Well, it’s done, I spent some time today and created a very small and basic rails web application to ease the job of converting these XML files to HRM files. Now you can easily upload your exercise file from Polar and get a nicely formatted HRM file without having a ruby environment on your computer. You can find the converter on this page or use it below. Please be aware that the script only handles files containing a single activity.

Sports Tracking Workflow

Summer time is outdoor time. In terms of outdoor activities I rediscovered running and mountain biking again this year. I didn’t like to run in in the past, collected my first experience around 2008 to lose some weight and did my first competition in 2009 at a local half marathon. After this race I stopped training and came back to regular running this year. 2011 provided new opportunities for sports enthusiasts like me, the invention of web based, social media enabled and mobile device supported sports / heath tracking. I’ve tried a lot of these services and finally arrived at a mix of three tools for tracking and analyzing my endurance training. With this post I’d like to give an insight into my workflow and reasons for my choices.

Mountain Bike Touring with your iPhone

Climbing, mountain biking and relaxing have been the tags of our trip to lake Garda in early September. Our friends traveled to Italy with us in order to have some free time away from daily routine. The region around lake Garda in Italy is well known for hundreds of top climbing crags and it is some kind of mecca for mountain bikers.

Finding a Bike the 2.0 Way

After visiting Gardasee two weeks ago, seeing so much mountain biker riding around the climbing spots I knew, its time for a new ride. I did a bit mountain biking some years ago, but not very serious. Primary I bought my “old” bike riding from A to B (growing up in the valley requires at least a MTB) and some longer drives once in a while. Nevertheless I was thinking about spending some money on a nicer MTB for the last two years and this trip to Gardasee finally showed me, its about time. Yesterday I ordered a brand new bike but more interesting which bike I got is the way this decision took, 100% shaped by my social network.