We took part at the Pixathlon in Klagenfurt this year. A pixathlon, or photo marathon, is an interesting concept trying to throw you back to the roots of photography. It’s all digital but no image manipulation is allowed! All images have to be OOC JPG files.

A list with 12 topics was handed out at the beginning and all participants had 12 hours to fill their memory card with 13 images. The first image had to be your start number followed by one image per topic in the exact given order on the handout. This required each photographer to actually think about the current topic, you couldn’t take shots by opportunity – hello film rolls.


  1. Deine Startnummer
  2. Alles hat einen Anfang
  3. Nasses Vergnügen
  4. Ich, einfach unverbesserlich
  5. Ins Grüne
  6. Wenn ich groß bin, werde ich…
  7. Tierisches Spektakel
  8. Grenzenlose Freundschaft
  9. Von Mythen und Sagen
  10. Einsame Straßen
  11. Das ist Kärnten!
  12. Magie in der Altstadt
  13. Der Morgen danach

I enjoyed this concept a lot. Being tied to a single topic at a time was an inspiring diversion from my general, opportunity driven, style in photography. The awareness that tweaking in post production is no option required some rethinking, although I’m always trying to do the shot right in camera. You were allowed to delete and retake shots as long as you don’t mess up the correct order. These rules required you to know the gear and it made you think more about what and how you shoot.

An enthusiastic photographer like me can learn a lot from challenges like these. Less is more, think how and when you push the trigger. Don’t hit it in 10 fps burst mode and decide later. Be there in the first place, calm down and concentrate to make the image you love right where your are – enjoy the moment and imagine the outcome.