Web based Polar Personal Trainer XML to HRM Converter

In my recent post about online Sports Tracking Workflow I promised to wrap a web application around the converter for Polar Personal Trainer XML files. Well, it’s done, I spent some time today and created a very small and basic rails web application to ease the job of converting these XML files to HRM files. Now you can easily upload your exercise file from Polar and get a nicely formatted HRM file without having a ruby environment on your computer. You can find the converter on this page or use it below. Please be aware that the script only handles files containing a single activity.

I would also like to grab the chance for giving two additional updates on my sports tracking post. First of all, my iPhone apps update showed version 2.5 for RunKeeper today and they finally added auto pause. This could ease my described workflow dramatically! I will do some testing on my bike and let you know how it works soon. The second update regards the Polar RS300x. I mentioned it is capable of getting synced with Polar Personal Trainer and RunKeeper using my scripts. Unfortunately this is only partly valid. It seems that the RS300x is not capable of saving the full heart rate history, it’s only storing average values. In this case my script for converting is useless, no HRM file can be build with the heart rate data missing, sorry.